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Bond logo

To design the logo and create an identity for an upcoming italian brand that makes hand-made bagpacks using simple and natural raw materials with special attention to detail. They wish to create a special bond between the product and their customers.

A logo showing the rope that is used in the bags with interlacing the curves of the letters in the name "bond" which also symbolizes the relation and bond between the product and the customer as an inner concept. Also development of a simple ecommerce website based on wordpress & woocommerce.

Bond / Noone / Ideation and Design

TYPE - Brand Identity

Logo sketch and trail with product

Sketch Sketch

Logo Design

bond logo

Packaging & Branding

As the brand is dealing with raw and natural materials, we wanted the packaging and the branding to be done using just natural mateirals and speak the same language as the product.

bond packaging bond packaging bond packaging


bond website bond website bond website bond website bond website


bond social bond social

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