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The brief was to create a digital experience to facilitate omni-channel experience that is personal.

In our research phase, we found out that Bottega Veneta is one of the few luxury brands that really wants to know it's customers to provide an experience that adapts to their personalities.

We came up with "Incontro" - An idea to build a personal relationship between the brand and it's customers that grows in depth with time. We wanted to weave human and digital together.

Bottega Veneta / SPD / Digital Art Direction (Group Project) / Ideation & Design

TYPE - Responsive Web Application


#1 First Meeting

The experience starts in the boutique with a signature.


#2 Keep In Touch

The store experience continues in digital - a personal website for the client is created to bring the brand and the customer closer.

keep in touch

#3 Commitment

The customers would be given the “Key” of the shop, that would help them be recognised all over the world and be treated with the same amount of importance.


#4 Engagement

It is the last step of the relationship where the user becomes a top client and has access to all personal services Bottega Veneta is offering.


Logo Replacement

Bottega Veneta believes that its customers have an identity of their own. This belief is pushed forward in the “Incontro” strategy by replacing the brand’s logo with the customer’s name.

Logo Replacement

Wish list

The wish list will have a resume of the visit, it will showcase all the products that were liked by the customer during the visit to the store and also they have an option to "Reserve" this product in store.

Wishlist Wishlist

Your Boutique

Your boutique lets the customers see all the new arrivals exclusively according to their taste and preference. It also provides them with style suggestions and how to match their already existing collection with the new products. The section "What You Bought" will suggest on how to take care of the products they bought and remind them when it's time for service and also offer them to make an appointment or organize a pick up for the service.

Wishlist Wishlist

Personal Services

The personal services depends according to the deapth of the relationship between the customer and the brand. Book an appointment and personal agenda will be the standard services and as the relationship grows the other personal services like Try at home service, Maintenance service and Runway show preview will keep getting added.

Wishlist Wishlist


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