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The brief was to review website’s design with the goal of maximising user experience and revenues during the Holiday Season.

In our re-design, we wanted to focus on creating an interactive and a memorable experience for the customers with a consistent visual identity and good storytelling, so as to give a personality to the website on the whole. We started analyzing the pain points of the website and then priotizised and grouped our insights and then started finding solutions through our design and communication.

Rayban / SPD / User Experience Design (Group Project) / Ideation & Design

TYPE - Responsive web application


While analysing the pain points of the exisiting website, we understood that the website didn't have a strong personality or a story and there were too many elements and products, which makes it difficult to find the right product a customer might be looking for.

Through our design we wanted to achieve certain goals to communicate a consistent visual identity and give a new structure to the website which in a way makes it easy for the customers to find the right product they are looking for.

#1 Understand the type of website


#2 Include the main nav categories


#3 Invest in bespoke imagery and design


#4 Prominent search field


Search result pages

In the search field, we prevented trashing through autosuggest that can recommend related queries and also autocorrect if word is mispelt


Category List Page

Rayban Rayban

Product List Page

Rayban Rayban Rayban

Product Display Page

Rayban Rayban

Virtual Mirror

We inserted the possibility to try on all the products directly from the product page using the front camera of the smartphone.


Save to Compare

Rayban Rayban

Holiday Campaign

OBJECTIVE: Our objective for the campaign according to the given brief is to increase revenue by bringing more people to the website.

TARGET: Male/Female aged 15-50 in USA. With particular attention for the young crowd (15-30).

IDEA: As the campaign is for the holiday season and during this season people search for special offers and are more willing to spend their money, we decided to push the customization option of Rayban, as it is something that already has a good response amongst the users and it generates more revenue than a regular product. So to push customization we came up with the idea of "TECHNICOLOR", where in the week of the campagin, each day will be assigned with a color and when the customers customize their product with that color touch of the day, they will get a 20% off.


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