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To select a logo that grabbed my attention and to recreate that logo with respect to a feminine mood and also create an animation and an ebook article with the same mood of the logo.

Smile / SPD / Digital Typography

TYPE - Digital Typography

Original Logo

Smile Old logo

The moment I saw this logo, it put a smile on my face. Just by creatively using typographical elements, this creates an emotion. Every time I read this I do smile, which I think I wouldn’t if not for the ‘smiley’ that is created within the word using the bracket and the letter ‘i’.

Logo Redesign

Smile Logo

Typeface used for the logo is ‘Quirlycues’. This is a very feminine typeface with a beautiful elegance of it’s own. The curly strokes makes it look happy, lively and also more relatable.

I wanted to show a good contrast between the colours, that’s the reason I chose two completely contrasting colors to make the logo look more bright and vibrant. I added the ‘infinity symbol’ to the letter ‘S’ as it is something very close to women, it conveys a strong meaning that every women could relate to.


eBook Article

As my logo was very cursive and curly, I wanted the title and the running text of the article to be more geometric. Thus I chose ‘Gill Sans’ for titles and ‘Titillium’ for running text.

For the color scheme, I tried to maintain the same colors as the logo so that it will balance the feminine mood.

Opening Screen eBook Screens

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